Tampa Bay Student Film Contest
Film Excellence in Education

Contest Categories

Broadcast Excellence
Film Excellence
Film Challenges
Traditional News Show
School news show, typically recorded in a campus studio, focusing on school announcements with some packages to supplement the content of the show, and an overall purpose to inform the student body of school related events.

Magazine Style News Show

Typically a themed-based entertainment show with a combination of informative and entertainment packages relating to the school, community, and current trends.
(10 minute Maximum TRT)

News Feature
An original news package that highlights a real event at school or in the surrounding community, featuring interviews, voice over, and reporter stand-up.
(3:00 Maximum TRT)

Sports Feature
An original news package that highlights an athlete or sporting event, featuring interviews, voice over, and reporter stand-up.
(3:00 Maximum TRT)

​Animated Short
A short story using two dimensional or three dimensional characters created on film or computer; includes animation using clay, objects, or models.

Tells a humorous story; may incorporate comedic elements such as misunderstandings or satire.

A film that provides a view of real life people, trends, or events.

Tells a story that conveys emotion
in a creative way.

Music Video
Video pictures (still or live action) set to music, with or without lip synching.

A Public Service Announcement to inform the public or change public opinions, actions, or feelings.
(60 second Maximum TRT)

Silent Film
A silent piece set to music that may employ text slides for dialogue and dramatic acting.

*All entries are 7 minute max
unless otherwise noted.
Fall 813 Challenge:
Movie Trailer
Teams of up to 8 students per school gather on location for a one day challenge of creating a movie trailer based on an assigned title and prop.
(60 second Maximum TRT)

Winter 813 Challenge:
Music Video
Teams of up to 8 students per school gather on location for a one day challenge of creating a music video based on an assigned song.

Spring Break Challenge:
Short Film
Student teams are given 2 weeks (Spring Break and the week after) to create a short film using an assigned title, prop, and dialogue.

Contest Rules

-Entries may be produced by individuals, groups, or classes.
-All entries must be student written and produced in their entirety.
-All entries should be rated PG-13 or less.
-The use of copyright material is prohibited, unless you have proof from the copyright holder granting permission for use.

Submission Guidelines

-Each entry must complete the online submission form
-A 15 second excerpt must be submitted to be played at the awards showcase.
-A $5 entry fee is required for each video entry - sent to Sean Phillips @ Blake High School. Checks can be made payable to Blake HS TV & Film Boosters.
-No entry can be submitted for multiple categories.
-Schools may submit a maximum of 2 videos per category.
-Schools many submit 1 entry per 813 Challenge.
-Video entries are due no later than 11:59pm on (date tbd).
-Winners will be selected by a panel of judges from the production industry.

Fall 813 Challenge: Movie Trailer


Movie Title: The Last One Out

Prop: Coin
(must make at least one clear appearance in the trailer)

TRT: 1:00 ( +/- :02)

Deadline: 3:00pm - Tuesday Oct. 31

1 Entry Per School. Maximum of 8 crew members.

See "Contest Rules" (above) for other general entry information.

How To Submit: YouTube/Vimeo links will be sent via "Online Submission Form" listed in the "Submission Guidelines" (above).  You must also include a 15 second montage of your trailer as a separate link.

Send $5 entry fee to Sean Phillips @ Blake High School (School Mail Rt #7).